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7. Flak-Division - Köln - Photo album - Anti-Aircraft Division

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Nice album from 7 Flak-Division  Many pictures equipment, guns, cars in total there are 53 pictures in the original album.  The pictures are pasted, but they can be easily peeled off, some is glued off 7 Flak-Division  The 7th Flak-Division was a major combat unit of the German Luftwaffe during World War II.  History The guide rod of the first so-called air defense command 7 was set up in March 1940 in Cologne, as the recent applications of the 4th Flak-Division were divided. Commander of the Air Defense Command 7 was initially (until 29 April 1941) Major General Kurt Menzel. The main task of the command was the leadership of the Flakkräfte in the Cologne - Aachen under the command of Luftgaukommando VI, based in Münster. Very little is known about the subordinate regiments at this time. Only when the air defense command was 7 on September 1, 1941 renamed as part of the new association names in the 7th Flak Division, first complete classifications are known. Under their new commander, Major General Max Hesse, who had assumed command on 30 April 1941, the division was divided in the fall of 1941 as follows:  Flak-Regiment 14: Cologne  Flak-Regiment 21: Köln - Deutz  Flak-Regiment 47: Leverkusen  Flakscheinwerferregiment 47: Cologne  Hesse was until June 30, 1941 Commander of the Division; on 24 July 1941 followed him Major General Henry Burchard, who was replaced again on 21 February 1942 by Major General Rudolf Eibenstein. On March 1, 1943 Major General Burchard resumed the Division.  The Division beginning July 1944 broke down as follows:  Flak-Regiment 14: Cologne  Flak-Regiment 128 (without associations, only regimental staff)  Flak-Regiment 144: Brühl  Flakscheinwerferregiment 113: Cologne  Flak Battalion 514 with emphasis in Aachen  Eisenbahnflakregiment 112 E (troops on duty only of the Joint Staff)  On 9 July 1944, Major General Alfred Erhard division commander; He held this position until his death on 17 April 1945. On February 23, 1945, the 7th Flak-Division was the III. Assigned to anti-aircraft corps. She was now dependent on cooperation with the 5th Panzer Army. End of March 1945, the Flakkräfte were used in Erdei set in the Cologne and Dusseldorf, in Cologne were 47 heavy and 43 medium and light batteries and 23 heavy in Dusseldorf and 22 medium and light. The division headquarters was located in Herkenrath, where he was captured by American forces in the first days of April 1945. The division commander, Major General Erhard, but escaped and was on April 14, 1945 Commanding General of III. Flak Corps appointed, whose subordinate organizations, however, were already smashed at this time. At this time, the 7th Flak-Division imputed first Flakbrigade was embroiled in fierce battles in space Dusseldorf. On 17 April 1945 her fight went in the room Ratingen in the Ruhr pocket to end. In the course of this day celebrated General Erhard suicide. The last remnants of his division went to 21 April 1945 to the end of the Ruhr boiler, in American captivity.