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Anti- Semitic - Ultra rare one of the rarest anti Jewish Nazi books for children published by Julius Streicher’s Stürmer Publishing House

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Trau keinem fuchs auf grüner heid und keinem Jud auf seinem eid” - " Trust no fox on his green heath and no Jew on his oath"

This is the first of three anti-Semitic children’s books published in 1936 by Julius Streicher’s Stürmer Publishing House. They are among the nastier productions of the Third Reich. Around 100,000 copies were printed, and the book was used in many schools. The author, Elvira Bauer, was an 18-year-old art student a kindergarten teacher and German Nazi supporter. llustrated by Philipp Rupprecht . The title comes from a phrase by Martin Luther, whose anti-Jewish remarks the Nazis were happy to use. The book teaches children, according to the Nazi Party in Germany, how a Jew is and what they look like. Children’s books like that were used to educate the youth of Nazi Germany in being a citizen of the 3 Reich.  Nürnberg, Stürmer Verlag, 1936. 5. Auflage, 61. - 70 Tausend, Oblong 4to. 44 pp. with 21 coloured lithographed plates by Elvira Bauer and 22 textpages printed in Sütterlin Schreibschrift.Connected in paper-covered boards with back and front edges in the robe, color forward and black / white / red down. All edges in red. Very good condition !!!   From flow during printing. 19.5 x 25 cm. * Written in Sutterlin an old German script developed in the 16th century. AN EXTREMELY RARE ITEM OF HISTORIC SIGNIFICANCE