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Auschwitz - Buchenwald Forced Labor Camp

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Rare postcard sent by a man from Brussels to an inmate of the forced labor camp called Buchenwald that was located in the city of Auschwitz. This camp wasn't part of the KL Auschwitz but it was also in that Polish city. It's fully written in french and it was sent in 1941. Civil Worker Camps.A number of such CWCs, in addition to the numerous Auschwitz satellite camps, employedsome 20,000 to 25,000 persons, sometimes referred to as volunteers. They originated from manycountries, with Poles (30%), Ukrainians (20%), Germans (20%), French (13%), Italians (8%)making up the largest numbers. A number of Gemeinschaftslager (community camps) andWohnlager were officially established near factory sites to house the foreign workers, many ofwhom had actually been forcibly rounded up and transported there. Deceptive in its name, theGemeinschaftslager (and similar camps) were in most instances places of strict confinement thatwere guarded and surrounded by barbed wire. Among the CWCs connected to KZ-Auschwitz were:(Source: Telephone Book from the camp and strength lists in the Museum Auschwitz Archive):Lager I (Leonhard-Haag)Lager II- Ost (Buchenwald-Ost)Lager II-West (Buchenwald-West. Also Buchenholz)Lager III (Teichgrund)Lager IV (Dorfrand)Lager V (Tannenwald)Lager VI (Pulverturm)Lager VIII (Karpfenteich)Lager IX ?