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Auschwitz IG Farben - Czech forced labor

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Auschwitz IG Farben - Czech forced laborA postcard sent to a civil forced laborer working in the IG Farben factory at AuschwitzThe history of its creation is associated with the initiative of the German chemical concern IG Farbenindustrie A.G. the construction of a third large factory of synthetic rubber and liquid fuels, this time located in Silesia, beyond the reach of the then Allied bombers.From among several considered locations (in December and January 1940/1941), the choice was finally made on the plain between the eastern part of Oświęcim and the villages of Dwory and Monowice. The decision was justified by favorable geological conditions, access to railway lines, water supply sources (from the Vistula River), and deposits of raw materials: hard coal (mines in Libiąż, Jawiszowice, and Jaworzno), limestone (Krzeszowice) and salt (Wieliczka).The conviction that the company could employ prisoners from the nearby Auschwitz concentration camp was also of considerable and perhaps even decisive importance when assessing the project.