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Awesome photo album that belonged to a Wehrmacht artillery officer 1933-1935

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Awesome photo album that belonged to a Wehrmacht artillery officer. This album with plenty of photos in different sizes covers his service time since 1933 to 1935.
This album begins with nice photos of this soldier during last months of the Weimar Republic, wearing pre-Nazi uniforms.
In this album we can see photos with following content:
- Landscapes with snowed mountains and also buildings in different German cities
- Big group photos taken in the headquarters with sharp detail
- Photos with horses used to transport the artillery pieces like mortars or cannons
- Photos during visits to his relatives: father, mother, wife, etc.
- Photos in the front
- Early Wehrmacht uniforms with early insignia
- Time for relax during summer and winter
- Some military vehicles like motorcycles
- Artillery exercises with artillery pieces
- Telemeters and other measurement tools
- Military exercises and parades
- Photos during a trip to the Dolomites in 1935
- Company theatre club acts photos
- 1935 Nürnberg Parteitag photos with parades in front of Hitler with artillery and horses
Very few photos missing but almost all are in the album
A great photo album of a German soldier of the Wehrmacht with multiple places and moments!