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Double side - Jewish Advertising Shop Panel from Poland - Chaim Holzman - Lodz - Litzmannstadt

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Super rare and miraculously preserved original period advertising metal panel from a Jewish shop in Lodz!
This panel was placed in the entrance of a Jewish shop before the war period and during the ghetto in Litzmannstadt he was in the ghetto area when Jews were still in peace and were persecuted by the Nazis.
Panel is in really good condition and painted on both sides. It still has the metal rods to hang on the wall. Texts are perfectly readable also.
Shop was run by a Jew called Chaim Holzman  on one side is : " The cheapest source of haberdashery Ch.Holzman " second size " Yarns D.M.C Ch. Holzmann "

After doing some research we found out that there's an interview with a Abraham Jacob Holzman in USHMM oral archives, who probably was the son of the owner of this shop in Lodz.
We put the link of te interview: