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Dutch Concentration Camp Inmate Uniforms - Nurse or Doctor - KL Dachau -Holocaust

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Amazing set that belonged to a Dutch concentration camp inmate who was nurse or doctor in KL Dachau! Set is really interesting since it comprises 2 jackets, a pair of trousers and a pair of clogs, all used in KL Dachau. Part of the outfit is the well known striped uniform used in German concentration camps by inmates. This one is one of the well known cotton summer outfit, with drillich fabric. Bone white and blue stripes and loose trousers. This jacket comes with the "Kenntzeichen" or inmate's number, with the number 101321 and the H that stands for Holländer (Dutch) within a red winkel or triangle, used to identify political prisoners. Jacket has also a hand made armband with a red cross, because this man was doctor in the camp. Jacket matches perfectly with the trousers, exactly the same manufacture and fabric. The other jacket is white, probably civilian outfit taken from transports that arrived in camp and modified adding an armband with the flag of the Netherlands and a red cross, identifying him as a doctor. It's likely that this jacket was used when camp was liberated and this doctor was employed by American liberators to treat the prisoners that were delicate or ill. In this set we find also a nice pair of concentration camp clogs or shoes with wooden soles and leather body. Those are also used condition but well preserved. To find feet garments from concentration camps is really difficult! This very particular set of this doctor was used in the cover of a book that was dedicated to Dutch doctors in concentration camps entitled "Witte jassen en bruinhemden". Easy to do research with the inmate's number and knowing he was a doctor in that concentration camp. All items are in very good condition with normal wear imperfections. Outstanding set that could fit perfectly in a museum!