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Holocaust - One-of-a-kind set that belonged to former Jewish inmate from KL Ravensbrück Simone Saint-Clair, writer of the book "Ravensbrück L'Enfer des Femmes" and famous French journalist and essayist!

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We offer for sale another unique set. It comprises his famous book "Ravensbrück: L'Enfer des Femmes" and 4 personal belongings of this famous woman, who was well known in France for her works as essayist, writer and her fighting days in the French Resistance during WW2. Simone Saint-Clair was a French inmate in women concentration camp KL Ravensbrück, and she survived that horror, writing after the war the book "Ravensbrück, L'Enfer des Femmes", where she told all her experience there. This set has 4 jewels that were used by this former inmate after the war and maybe before it: a silver made pendant with her photo and an original piece of the striped uniform that she used in her camp days encapsulated on the other side, another similar silver made pendant with the photo of her or her daughter maybe? and an original piece of the striped uniform of that relative that she used in her camp days encapsulated on the other side, a silver brooch with a star of David and a beautiful Judaic ring in silver with a yellow engraved star of David made in some precious stone or material (amber?) and inside is her camp number . Book is in french and in perfect condition and it's one of the first editions. Book is dedicate and hand signed by Simone herself! A rarity!

Simon was obviously Jewish and she was proud of her origins. We guarantee that both items come from her family. If you want to have a truly unique set related to Holocaust and Nazi concentration camp system, this is your chance.