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Holocaust - Promotion Document Signed by Theodor Eicke

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Theodor Eike's document is an interesting early Holocaust-related document and is both interesting and valuable for a number of reasons. Since it is not only signed by Eike, but its early Totenkopfverband (1937). But perhaps more interestingly, the letter relates to the promotion of SS Hustuf. Wilhelm Breimaier, who spend much of his early SS life with the TK-Verbände. Serving in 1934 at Dachau, possibly with SS-TS "Oberbayern", then from 1935-36 he was at Lichtenburg, possibly with SS-TS "Elbe". Then in 1938 & 1944, he served as Führer III./SS-Standarte 3, then in 1942 with Frw. Legion "Flandern". Later in the war from 21/6/43 to late (September?) 1944 as CO II./SS-Gebirgsjäger-Regt.13. Finally, from 09/10/44 to May 1945, he served as CO SS-Gebirgsjäger-Regt.14, where he was awarded the German Cross in Gold. So as well as being an early SSTKV letter signed by Theodore Eike, it relates directly to the career of an infamous KZ and Anti-Partisan SS officer.Theodor Eicke (17 October 1892 – 26 February 1943) was a German SS functionary during the Nazi era. He was one of the key figures in the development of Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust.Eicke served as the second commandant of the Dachau concentration camp from June 1933 to July 1934, and together with his adjutant Michael Lippert, was one of the executioners of SA Chief Ernst Röhm during the Night of the Long Knives purge. In 1939, Eicke became commander of the SS Division Totenkopf of the Waffen-SS, leading the division during the Second World War on the Western and Eastern fronts, and continuing to expand and develop the concentration camp system.Eicke was killed on 26 February 1943, when his plane was shot down during the Third Battle of Kharkov.