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Huge Poster about the Execution of Czech Civilians 1944

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Huge poster printed by German occupation forces in Czech Republic about the execution by shooting of 30 civilians involved in agitation and anti-German actions. Poster explains in German and Czech the reasons why they were sentenced to death. Poster includes the list with names of all of them. Poster is issued in 1944 and signed figuratively by Karl Hermann Frank. Posters like this were hanged in public places to dissuade other civilians from carrying out sabotage and anti-German propaganda actions.Karl Hermann Frank (24 January 1898 – 22 May 1946) was a prominent Sudeten German Nazi official in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia prior to and during World War II. Attaining the rank of Obergruppenfuhrer, he was in command of the Nazi police apparatus in the Protectorate, including the Gestapo, the SD, and the Kripo. After the war, Frank was tried, convicted and executed by hanging for his role in organizing the massacres of the people of the Czech villages of Lidice .

Size: 60x43cm