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Huge Set of IDs of Emmigrated Jewish Couple Argentina

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Huge set of different ID cards and documents to a Jewish couple: Walter Sachs and his wife Elly Sachs. The set includes: 1 x Jewish Kennkarte issued in the III Reich in canvas to Walter Israel Sachs with his photo and the big J, his 5 x Argentina passports of different periods, 2 x personal IDs one for her and one for him, 1 x driving license. In the passports we can see many many visas from 1939 until 1972! All the countries in Europe, many of them from Eastern Europe: DDR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. We never saw so many passports after one single person! Great set of a couple that had to leave Europe due to the persecution of the Jews by the Nazi Germany. In Argentina they found peace and they saved their lives!