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Impressive handcrafted souvenirs made by Polish prisoner in Soviet gulag for Polish citizens deported to the USSR - 1945 -46

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We offer you the chance to get a beautiful pair of handcrafted souvenirs made by a Polish prisoner in the horrible Soviet gulags of Stalinogorska. The USSR camps of Stalinogorska were active from 1944 to 1948, and they were used to imprison Polish citizens deported to the USSR, where they were executed, tortured and sometimes they disappeared. Many thousand killed.


Trapped in the Stalinogorska camps, around 6326 Polish citizens are known to stay in control and filtration camp no. 283 and in the POW camp No. 388 controlled by NKWD-MWD in Stalinogorsk (USSR) in the years 1944-1950.


This two beautiful concentration camp- art pieces are: a very carefully engraved and embellished cigarette box made from aluminum, with many symbols such as Polish Eagle, oak leaves, name of concentration camp and years that this Pole was imprisoned there (1945-46). Inside there are some autographs of, likely, comrades within the camp, and on the reverse beautiful engraved oak-leaves and other motifs. There's also the original leather bag made to keep the cigarette box.


The second souvenir from camp is a completely handcrafted knife, made by the prisoner in aluminum and steel blade. Also with engraved dates, initials, and other motifs such as the name Stalinogorsk on the grip.


Very nice set of USSR prisoner camp in Stalinogrosk!