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Jewish - Antisemitic - Very rare Kennkarte issued to a Jew from Hamburg using the J type Kennkarte - 1939!!

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Very rare Kennkarte (ID card) issued to an old Jew from Hamburg using the J type Kennkarte in canvas. Document was issued in 1939. We don't know what was the fate of this Jew, but it's possible that he was sent to a ghetto in the East and then to a concentration camp, where he probably passed away. We hope he could survive that horror! Card is in great condition with photo of the Jew stapled, his fingerprints and some ink stamps from Nazi authorities in Hamburg. All the Jews, since Nazis raised to power, must be identified in different manners, in Kennkarte, Reisepäße or other personal identification documents. Then came the yellow stars and then, the extermination. Very rare and iconic document for any Holocaust related material collector!