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Judaica - Rare set of 2 passports to a German Jew Journalist who emmigrated to Palestine in 1938

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Rare set of 2 passports to a German Jew who emmigrated to Palestina in 1938. His name was Walter Grünfeld, born in Berlin and he worked as journalist. First one is an earlier German passport or Reisepass that was issued to this man in 1928. We can see many visas from Italy, Belgium, Palestine and France. The passport is marked as "ungültig" or "invalid". The other passport is a very rare one for British citizens in the protectorate of Palestine. With photo of this man and issued in 1938, the year when this Jew emmigrated to Palestine to escape from Nazism and persecution of the Jews. This Palestine passport has also some visas and it's written in English, Arabic and Hebrew.

Condition on both is excellent.