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Junkers - Big set of documents of Junkers planes manufacturer workers in Dessau factory

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We offer for sale this nice set of documents that belonged to former workers of Junkers AG, who served adjutant in this important company that not only manufactured aircraft and motors, but also other devices such as gas boilers and air heaters.

Set consists of different items such as some pages of a catalogue of the air heaters division of Junkers AG, a recommendation letter stating that a boy worked for the company from 1936 to 1938, propaganda booklet "4 Jahre Sozialer Aufbau" (4 years of social construction) published by Junkers Flugzeug-und-Motorenfabrik AG, Dessau, about the social achievements of this company within Four Year Plan in Germany. During this Four Year Plan of Göring, Germany established a plan with some milestones to be self-sufficient and have a powerful industry as well as a renewed and ultra-powerful modern army that allowed him to dominate part of the world since 1939. This book talks about the social achievements reached by famous Junkers aircraft and motor manufacturer during these 4 years, using texts and nice b/w photos of factories, workers, laboratories, etc. Book is thin and with soft covers. Condition is very good.
Set also includes a set of postcards with drawings of different aircraft models manufactured by Junkers AG and also a marks certificate book of a worker that was employed in the company until 1940. It includes 2 group photos with young apprentices or new workers of the company.

There's also a booklet with the statutes of the company in their factory in Magdeburg. Sadly cover has the blue color a slightly faded.

Overall condition of documents is very good.