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KL Auschwitz -Prisoner letters sent from camp to family

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Very interesting set after one prisoner victims of German concentration camp KL Auschwitz Radecki, Leopold(prisoner number: 16735)born: 1908-10-16, place of birth: Essen, profession: druggistFate:1. 1941-05-29, Auschwitz, arrived to camp2. murdered 13.12.1941 in KL Auschwitz,This set including :3 letters ( One of the letter was sent from block 10 a " experimental block " two weeks before he die and was cut by censorship .3 envelopes ( two without stamps but all come from same prisoner )Telegram sent from Auschwitz to family about his death in camp and also translate of this telegram for Polish made after war.In Auschwitz museum we find his mug photo , copy below