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KL Dachau Brochure Immediately After Liberation 1945

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Borchure/album published by the allied troops just after the liberation of the infamus German concentration camp KL Dachau, showing photos and descriptions of the horrors that allies found when entered that horrible place.The concentration camp established by the German Nazis was established by order of Heinrich Himmler on March 21, 1933, with the aim of isolating political opponents of the Nazi regime, clergy and Jews. He became a "model" for all others. From 1938 on, a kind of "training center" for managers and guards of other later camps of this type.The camp consisted of two main parts: for the prisoners, which was surrounded by barbed wire and turrets, and the administrative and residential part for the SS. This division was reproduced in all later Nazi constructions of this type. The part for prisoners was originally located in 18 residential barracks, divided into 4 rooms, 2 toilets and 2 washrooms. Each room had a living room and a bedroom and was intended for 52 prisoners (in total, the block was to accommodate 208 prisoners). In 1937, the camp - originally designed for 3-5 thousand. prisoners - turned out to be too small. The camp was expanded in 1937-1938, doubling the number of barracks.