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KL Inmate Long Coat Set of Polish Prisoner

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Unique and ultra rare concentration camp inmate's long coat, that belonged to a Polish prisoner in KL Dachau. As you can see it still has the winkle or red triangle for Polish political prisoners with the P inside it, and the cloth patch with the number of the prisoner given during his imprisonment, in this case number 9867. Long coats are maybe the most difficult to find garments of concentration camp inmates, since most of them were destroyed after the liberation of the camps. This one is in very worn condition as you can see, what gives it a great character and "been there" essence, with multiple patches stitched to the original coat to repair the multiple holes and rips or tears that this cloth item suffered during the hard slave work the owner had to do inside KL Dachau concentration camp. Fabric is also very faded due to the hard work. It is made from the legit blue and white striped fabric and with the original buttons. In this case, this amazing set also comprises:-5 fully written letters sent by this inmate to his family in Litzmannstadt with censorship stamp of KL Dachau office- 10 complete envelopes of letters sent outside the camp by this inmate- 2 money order receipts of money sent to this man from Litzmannstadt- A hand engraved memento or souvenir from concentration camp, which it's a kind of box made from aluminum.- A US liberation troops issued certificate in Dachau to this man as former inmate of the camp with a photo of this guy.All perfect to do research on this person!To have a complete set of a camp inmate's you would need cap, jacket, pants, clogs and also this very rare long coat and the result would be amazing and a true museum display.