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KL Lublin - Majdanek - Super rare set of 8 photos of an SS man who was guard in KL Lublin - Majdanek!

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We offer this rare set of photos of a former guard of the concentration camp Majdanek-Lublin. Photos are taken in 1942 and 1943, and show us this guard wearing the KL Stuba Totankopf uniform. There's also some photos in KL Lublin Kantine or administration building, where guards and other personnel is having fun. This man wears also the high NSDAP award, the Golden Party pin, and all the details of a concentration camp guard uniforms are visible in the photos. There's also a smaller photo of this guard with moustache, that must be maybe later in time. Sadly 3 of the photos are damaged by water, but even in that case, details of the photos are visible. On the reverse of some of the photos, there's dedicatory written by himself for his wife or couple, all taken in Lublin, presumibly inside the concentration camp. All photos were removed from a photo album. Don't miss the chance to get some photos of a concentration camp guard! RCV