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KL Mauthausen Gusen prisoner " First message to family " 1943

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KL Mauthausen Gusen prisoner " First message to family ". Postcard sent by Czech prisoner to a woman in Protectorate- Bohmen in 1943. The obverse is the recipient's address and described the rules of correspondence with the prisoner and types of shipments. The reverse is only the sender's address to which correspondence should be directed. It was postkarte with the first message from the camp and for the family a sign that this person lives and where he is. Generally, this is a rare type of correspondence. Postcard is fully written in German and it was sent by prisoner with very low number 493 Unfortunate missing post stamp , but have two censorship ink stamp. Condition is good it is a great example of KL Mauthausen correspondence for any collector. Unfortunate we dont find any more info about this prisoner .