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KL Sachsenhausen - Set of Hermann Goering Werke

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Very interesting set that belonged to a Polish forced laborer who was employed at a Hermann Goering Werke factory and that was also prisoner in 2 concentration camps: KL Sachsenhausen with camp number 33628 and KL Niederhagen located in Wewelsburg, where he was given number 40218. Set comprises:-Very bad condition Ausweris for Hermann Göring Werke factory with parts missing, damaged due to constant use and photo of this man but also with damage-Arbeitskarte also in very bad condition with damage and missing parts and with his photo attached-Passierschein (access permission document)-Envelope of letter sent to wife-Schichtenkontrollkarte from Hermann Göring Werke factory-2 post war polish certificates about his former nazi camp inmate condition.