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KL Stutthof-Silver Ring Made For Inmate WIKTOR ORLOWSKI

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KL Stutthof silver made ring that belonged to camp inmate Victor Orlowski (polish artist Wiktor Orłowski 1887- 1981), who was a Polish artist. It's a massive ring with very nice details and quality and 2 initials engraved in the front of the seal ring. It's big size ring and it has a great manufacture. This ring also has some text engraved inside it that reads: "21.XI.40 Stutthof number 10549". Date he was deported to the camp and his prisoner number in KZ.  Ring is in very good condition. On last two photos we show one of his artist work. ( BEAUTIFUL WATERCOLOR SIGNED BY WIKTOR ORLOWSKI - DATED 1904 AND LOCATED - REFERRED ARTISTIt is signed in the lower right hand corner by Wiktor ORLOWSKI (1887 - 1981), located in Sandomierz (a small town in the southwest of Poland), and dated 04 (1904). It represents a very elegant lady with her fan. Beautiful work. )