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Letter from German prison in St.Georgen Bayreuth -1944

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WW2 - Letter from German prison in St.Georgen Bayreuth - 1944 Sent by Czech prisoner , very good condition

During the Second World War foreigners were brought in large numbers, particularly Czechs and Zwangsverschleppte Eastern workers for the penitentiary system to Poland and French resistance fighters Special aggravations were prescribed. At the end of the war the prison, which could house about 1,200 inmates, was overcrowded with over 5,000 prisoners from more than ten nations. Since the local Gauleiter Fritz Wachtler wanted to excel with a record intake of German war refugees, the detention center had to issue at the expense of the occupants almost all stocks.

On February 17, 1944 270 political prisoners were taken to Berlin. The charge of high treason Senate of the People's Court they should pass sentence according to the planned transfer to the Bayreuth Palace of Justice. Among them was the future President of the Bundestag, Eugen Gerstenmaier. The shooting in the face of advancing US forces they escaped on April 14, 1945, barely through the selfless dedication of the recently escaped from the detention center Karl Ruth.