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Luftwaffe Anti-aircraft Flak Unit Soldier Photo Album

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Great photo album of a Luftwaffe antiaircraft Flak unit soldier. This album contains all the photos, none of them were removed. It's very complete with different years during military duty of this boy. He was in the Hitlerjugend until near the end of the war. He began in the Flak unit in 1944. Photo album contains photos of:Flak positions, HJ, comrades from the very beginning of service, funny moments with other soldiers, practicing football, kinda song or poem written to him, beautiful photos of swearing ceremony of Flak regiment, Flak maneuvers during WW2, family member photos, girlfriend photos during permission, portraits, RAD service period with arm BeVo patch glued, relatives, quarters, barracks, officers, US Air Force brought down aircraft as "first bringdown" trophy in 1944, also a list with the names of the comrades that were in that Flak unit.Very nice and complete photo album.