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Luftwaffe - A Set of Observer Badge (Beobachter) Rare set

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A Set of Observer Badge (Beobachter).The Observer's qualification badge was introduced by Hermann Goering on March 26th 1936 for award to Observers, Navigators and Bombardiers who had met the required criteria.The Observer's badge was awarded on an individual basis and criteria for bestowal included five operational flights over enemy territory or a minimum of two months active service.Die struck zinc construction, two piece badge is in the form of a vertically oval, wreath with a separate stylized, spread winged, eagle in flight, clutching a canted, swastika mounted on the wreath.The eagle is attached to the wreath by two rivets which are visible to the reverse. The vertically oval wreath features embossed laurel leaves to the right side and oak-leaves to the left side. The highly vaunted, eagle shows nice detailing including intricate feathering and cut-outs to the wing tips and tail feathers. The eagle's wings extend beyond both sides of the wreath.Complete with original pin and catch combination. The reverse of the eagle is well marked with the impressed manufacturer's name and location, "P. MEYBAUER BERLIN".Dimensions: 53.2x53,4 mm. Weight: 36.68 g.An award document ( Verleihungsurkunde) for the Observer Badge ( Das Abzeichen fur Beobachter)Din A 5-Urkunde.Awarded to Sergeant (Feldwebel) Stephan Jilke on December 5, 1943.Air Force Observer License (Luftwaffen beobachter schein) to non-commissioned officer (Uffz.) Stephan Jilke, grey oilcloth type, nice photo.Assigned to II./Kb.-Schule 3 (Kampfbeobachterschule 3, Ausbildungsgruppe II) (Combat observer school 3, training group II.)Tutow 1.8.1943. Unfortunately, name and surname are blurred and removed.