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Luftwaffe - Very rare photos and documents set from soldier of the Luftwaffe!

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For sale this rare and uncommon documents set that belonged to Luftwaffe soldier. This set includes:- A group of 7 photos that belonged to this man. All apart from one show Flak 88 positions in the front for anti-aircraft defense. In one photo we can see Hitlerjugend members with a Flak and in another one 2 Luftwaffe soldiers using a Telemeter. There's a single portrait photo in Wehrmacht uniform, dated 1944.- Immediate post-war certificate to this man regarding the job he was to carry out after the war, employed in a farm of an acquaintance. Bent and used condition.- Immediate post-war half-broken machine-typed compensation payment after quitting the Wehrmacht. With different listed payments this man received after the war. Bent and broken but complete.