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Miranda de Ebro - Amazing and ultra rare set of papers of a Canadian pilot who was imprisoned in concentration camp in Spain 1941!!!

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We offer for sale, this amazing and ultra rare set of documents that belonged to a Canadian pilot who fought during WW2 in the battle of France. All these papers come straight from his son, who lives in Canada. This pilot fought enrolled in the Belgian air force as Captain pilot and when he fought during the battle of France in 1941, he managed to cross the border in the Pirinees and got to Spain, where he was captured by Franco's troops and taken to one of the most famous concentration camps in Spain: Miranda de Ebro, in Burgos (Castillia). He was 22 years old when he was captured. The set consists of various documents, among others: a recommendation letter written by a Belgian captain telling he served in Belgian air force. It also includes an ID issued to war prisoners from Belgium, a hand written paper with a menu in 1942 (we suppose inside the Miranda de Ebro concentration camp), a Spanish save-conduct after his liberation, in Spanish and from Miranda de Ebro concentration camp, a hand written letter, and a paper or file with his information, issued inside the camp. Very rare to find documents related to a concentration camp in Spain during WW2!!!