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NSDAP - Very rare Amstwalter-Ausweis issued to a NSDAP member since 1931 !!! Issued in 1933

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NSDAP - Very rare Amstwalter-Ausweis issued to a NSDAP member since 1931 !!! Issued in 1933

We offer you the chance to get a great document issued in canvas, in awesome condition. It's a Amtswalter-Ausweis issued to a  NSDAP member that entered the party in 1931. His name was Brüno Jekatzek probably Germanized Pole, and we can see his face in the photo attached to te canvas card, wearing the NSDAP party pin! On the front part we can see he belonged to the Ortsgruppe Hindenburg Biskupitz, a city in Silesia Poland . On the fist page inside we see his information. Also a nice red ink stamp with the old NSDAP eagle. On the last page we can see all the stamps that confirm Brüno paid all the membership fees during 1933 and 1934.

Political leader - in the early years also called " Amtswalter " - was a name for officials of the NSDAP . They had to swear an oath on Adolf Hitler . The tasks of the political leaders, including officials of the party from Blockleiter to Reichsleiter belonged, were particularly in the political monitoring, propaganda orientation and ideological training of the population, who were organized in the Nazi Party. Initially trained in the "Reichsführerschulen" , they must graduate since 1937 as part of a " leader selection " their training in a staggered " education system ", to attend Adolf Hitler Schools (six years), a "probation in the struggle for life" (seven years) and the visit the NS-Ordensburgen (four years) up to the " high school " was attached. However, this plan changed over time and was only partially implemented. After the end of World War II , the Political Leaders' Corps was dissolved and declared by the International Military Tribunal to be a " criminal organization".

Very rare item we dont find similar anywhere and in very good condition!