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Outstanding concentration camp inmate's tunic + cap + photo wearing it that beloged to a Polish political prisoner! Survivor of Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen and Ravesbrück. Full researched !

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We offer proudly to our customers the chance to get a true jewel. We are talking about a genuine striped jacket worn by those prisoners and his cap who were in German concentration camps. This one is outstanding for many reasons: Overall condition is excellent, with that inimitable patina and worn of an item of garment that was used in a hellish concentration camp. The kind of fabric used in this case is the winter thick fabric, like those jackets used in Auschwitz, Ravensbrück, Sachsenhausen... This fabric is the infamous striped one.
Thanks God, in this case the prisoner who was given this jacket survived the horror of concentration camps and was in 3 different camps! Due to use and work within the camp, fabric shows wear. It has the number patch stitched ot the breast pocket, with the identification number 11999.

But it there's something awesome about this item, apart from the quality of itself, is the fact that it comes along with an original period portrait in post-card size with the prisoner Piotr Kucharski wearing he very same jacketad cap ! According to research done asking to the Red Cross and checking in prisoners' web of Auschwitz, this survivor arrived in KL Auschwitz in 1943. He stood there until 1944, when he was transferred to KL Sachsenhausen with number 11967 and finally the same year to KL Ravensbrück with the number 11999, where he was released. This jacket was probably used when he was imprisoned in KL Ravensbrück because this is the number that matches the patch.

Set also includes an answer letter sent by International Red Cross in response to Kucharski family's consult regarding the records Red Cross had about concentration camp prisoner Piotr Kucharski. We show also in this web the Auschwitz website database research done by ourselves looking for info about his prisoner.

Condition of the set is excellent. A textbook example of an inmate striped jacket and without any doubt a museum piece!