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Panzer Assault Badge (PAB), Silver "Hermann Aurich".

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Panzer Assault Badge (PAB), Silver"Hermann Aurich".(Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber). Die struck zinc construction, solid backed, badge with a silver washed finish features a vertically oval oak-leaf wreath with a Wehrmacht style eagle with down-swept wings, superimpose to the top center, encompassing the cut-out, forward profile of a tank. The plain, solid, reverse has a crimped, soldered hinge inset into a circular recess with raised securing lips, a thin round vertical pin and a soldered catch on a circular base plate inset into a circular recess all intact. The reverse of the badge is well marked with the stylized, manufacturers initials, "AH", indicating manufacture by Hermann Aurich of Dresden.

Good condition. As the pictures shown.