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Pre-1933 German NSDAP / HJ / DJ Belt Clasp - DRGM

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Belt clasp for sympathizers NSDAP/HJ/DJ (Gürtelschließe für Sympathisanten). Die struck, sheet brass construction belt buckle (no a printed card stock insert). Buckle features slightly scalloped top and bottom edges and subtly rounded ends. Note: None !!! - The middle obverse of the buckle should contain a cardboard box with a printed red base area, a central round white disk with a black swastika and a transparent protective celluloid coating. Decorated border model. Maker (Hersteller) : D.R.G.M. / Deutsche Reichs Gebrauchsmuster, (German National Registered Design). BACKGROUND: Prior to 1933 both the NSDAP, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (National Socialist German Worker’s Party), affiliated, Hitler Jugend, (Hitler Youth), and the DJ, Deutsche Jungvolk, (German Youth), wore a variety of unofficial belt buckles with the most common being a smaller version of the SA, Sturmabteilung, (Storm/ Assault Detachment), belt buckle. In 1933 official pattern box belt buckles were introduced for both the HJ and DJ and the unofficial buckles fell out of favor. The unofficial belt buckles came in a wide variety of styles and patterns.

Good condition. (No a printed card stock insert). As the pictures shown.