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Private Taken Photo of Adolf Hitler Wearing his Military Uniform in the Front During the Campaign in Poland

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An ultra rare and private taken phot of Adolf Hitler wearing his military uniform in the front during the campaign in Poland accompained by Generalleutnant von Bresen while soldiers are saluting them. Von Bresen has a war wound and his arm is in a siling and he's wearing the Stahlhelm. Photo is postcard size and it's removed from photo album. On the reverse we have the following description in German: Generalleutnant von Bresen mit dem Führer bei Dabrowka-Wielka in Polen am: 13.9.39 in the very early days of WW2!!!! Photo has also the photographer ink stamp. This photo was never published so it's a great pic with very sharp detail! Even decorations of both important Nazi personalities can be seen!