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Promotional Document to Police Officer Who was in Warsaw Ghetto Liquidation! Signed by Kurt Daluege

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Extremely rare promotional documents of SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans Klingbeil-Zerbe. During the war he served with Reserve-Polizei-Bataillon 63 and I. Bataillon/ SS-Polizei-Regiment 17 als Kompaniechef (Company Commander). In March 1944, he was lastly promoted to SS-Hauptsturmführer (he was promoted to Hauptmann der Schutzpolizei before but afterwards when incorporated into the SS, he received the SS equivalent). His NSDAP-Nummer was 7.489.549 and SS-Nr. 476 907. The I. Bataillon/ SS-Polizei-Regiment 17 was active during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (April-May 1943) and Warsaw Uprising (August-October 1944)! Document is dated in 1940 and it is signed by the Chief of Ordungspolizei Kurt Daluege himself! Excellent condition.