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Propaganda - Julius Streicher "1933 Das Jahr Der Deutschen "(1933, the Year of the Germans)

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This book is by the same publisher and is in the identical format as the annual Reichsparteitag (National Nazi Party Day) books that were also edited by Julius Streicher. Blue cloth with gilt title and front cover design of the date surrounded by a wreath bound in ribbons having the motto of the Munich beerhall putsch "martyrs" of 1923. Oversize, glossy paper, 512 pages, extensive photos. The true first edition, first printing, with "1 bis 15 Tausend" on the copyright page, indicating it is part of the first printing of 15 thousand copies. Edited by Streicher (notorious publisher of the rabidly anti-Jewish periodical "Der Stürmer", the Gauleiter and "Beast of Franconia", hung at Nuremberg) this celebration of Hitler's being made Chancellor of Germany is a long series of chapters by just about every Nazi notable of the period: Hitler, Göring, von Hindenburg, Ley, Rosenberg, Goebbels, von Neurath, Hans Frank, Walter Darre, Hess, Otto Dietrich, and others. Loaded with large, well-reproduced photos of rallies, Nazi bigwigs, storm troopers, meetings at memorials (Tannenberg, Schlageter, others), Hitler Youth members, Der Stahlhelmbund troopers, etc., etc. Foreword is a three-page facsimile of handwritten text and signature by Streicher. Also includes a daily chronology of Nazi events in 1933 and a name index. The edges and corners of the thin cover material are worn through to the boards (particularly at the head and foot of the spine) and the outer hinges are split (internal hinges are ok). There is faint foxing on the endpapers and here and there on a few internal pages. Vaterländischer Verlag C.A. Weller, Berlin, 1934. Hardcover. Condition: Good but have torn edge, no dust cover. First Edition. In German.  Overall a very sound and clean copy with a cover well worn around the edges.