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Super rare set of Polish POW who was liberated from German STALAG XI-B and given booklet and id tag!

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Amazing set that belonged to a Polish POW that was in German STALAG XI-B. After being liberated by UK troops, this man was given an ID card to Polish Army members in Polish and English. It also comes with 2 great items. His POW camp ID tag, that he wore round his neck, and also a wooden made ID tag that was given just after liberation! We haven't seen any like this in years! Set is really nice, and very rare to come across. Condition is excellent.

Stalag XI-B

The camp was built in 1937 as accommodation for workers building the barracks at the nearby Westlager ("Western Camp") of Truppenübungsplatz Bergen ("Military Training Area Bergen").[1] In September 1939 the huts were fenced in and designated Stalag XI-B. The first prisoners to arrive were Poles in late 1939, followed by French and Belgians the following year. By the end of 1940 around 40,000 POW were registered there, although only about 2,500 of these were housed at the camp, with the majority assigned to various Arbeitskommando ("work camps") in the area. Close by were the barracks of Landesschützen-Bataillon 461 ("Local Defence Battalion 461"), who guarded the camp. This Army unit was composed of men considered too old or otherwise unfit for front-line service, and were commonly used for guard and garrison duties.

Meanwhile, the camps at Fallingbostel had been liberated on 16 April 1945 by British troops from B Squadron 11th Hussars and the Reconnaissance Troop of the 8th Hussars. They were met at the main gate of Stalag 357 by a guard of Airborne troops, impeccably attired and led by RSM Lord.