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Ultra rare book "Der Giftpilz" (The Poisonous Mushroom), one of the most anti-Semitic books ever published aimed to children and also comes with two photos of III Reich period schools !

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"Der Giftpilz" is a virulent anti-Semitic children's book written by Ernst Hiemer , published in 1938 by Julius Streicher in the Nuremberg publishing house Der Stürmer . The 64-page book contains not only texts written in the style of National Socialist propaganda but also anti-Semitic drawings by Philipp Rupprecht (under the stage name Fips). The book is to educate children in the spirit of National Socialist propaganda. It begins with an introductory narrative in which a mother tells her son how to pick mushrooms that there are also "toadstools" among humans. The poison mushroom among humans is the Jew . This is followed by 15 chapters, each dealing with an "aspect" of Judaism . Each chapter ends with a short poem summarizing the contents of the chapter. For example, it describes what one - in the sense of National Socialist racial doctrine - could recognize a Jew. Further, about the Jewish religionclaims that according to the teachings of Judaism, only the Jews are human. The book also contains stories in which Jewish doctors go after German girls or cheat Jewish lawyers and German traders. Furthermore, the thesis is put forward that communism and Judaism were connected. The toadstool concludes with the assertions that there can be no "decent Jews" and that without the "solution of the Jewish question " there can be no salvation of humanity. The last chapter of the book deals mainly with the person of Julius Streicher . The children's book was a kind of harbinger of the beginning persecution of the Jews in the Third Reich. It took up common prejudices and anti-Semitic resentments, which were based on the then racial doctrine. The book was superficially aimed at young readers and gave them tips on how to recognize a Jew, for example, by its smell, which the book describes as "disgusting" and "sweetish". The book reached a circulation of 60,000. Occasionally it was used as a textbook. Highly praised by the party leadership, it is now considered a prime example of anti-Semitic agitation, which is aimed primarily at children and young readers. Nonetheless, due to its striking and unbelievably exaggerated anti-Semitism, the book was not positively endorsed by parts of the SS and the SD , but even described as "harmful to minors". In the Nuremberg trial of the main war criminals, the book was used by the prosecution as evidence against Julius Streicher. Book condition is good, considering these were in many cases damaged on purpose after the war, and only few survived. That's why this book is so wanted by collectors of Nazi and anti-Semitic memorabilia! It has some stains on the last page and the reverse cover. But all pages are present and in very good condition, as well as cover. Book also comes with 2 very nice photos of III Reich period schools where children were indoctrinated using books like Der Giftpilz in order to inoculate the anti-Semitism and hatred against the Jews.