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Very nice photo album that belonged to a Gebirgsjäger soldier of the Wehrmacht

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Very nice photo album that belonged to a Gebirgsjäger (mountain troops) soldier of the Wehrmacht.
This album contains:
- Postcards of the Brandenburger Tör and the Braunes Haus of the NSDAP in Nürnberg
- Photos with comrades during relax time in the headquarters during Christmas in 1940
- Photos during exercises
- Funny moments with comrades
- Visiting monuments
- Photos during the war in Yugoslavia
- Military vehicles
- Destroyed buildings and monuments and native people
- Aircrafts
- Destroyed buildings
- Landscapes and nature
- Mosques in Yugoslavia, most probably in Bosnia and orthodox and catholic churches
- Construction process of a bridge by engineers
All in very good condition and with all photos present.