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Very rare trilingual document dealing with Jewish expert in medical issues - Dentist ghetto Rawa Ruska

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This very nice document from the 40s was issued to be filled in by jews who had any kind of experience or knowledge in the medical area. These kind of jews were demanded by German authorities to work in Ghettos and then also in KL, since they did some of the worse works that Nazis didn't want to do: take care of those jews who were ill. These kind of 4 page documents are trilingual (German, Polish and Russian), and the jew in question, must write even his relatives' information as well as his religion, name and many other interesting information dealing with his life and work experience. This one was issued to a Jew from Poland called Adolf Flüss, and who had previously worked as a dentist assistant. He was also of Ukrainian descent and could talk 3 languages. Document from ghetto in Rawa Ruska !