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Winterhilfswerk (WHW) - Set of 30 nice Winterhilfswerk (WHW) miniature plastic figures representing different Viking or ancient German weapons and shields, all ground dug

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These WHW lapel insignias or just collectible emblems made from plastic, was a way to raise funds by the Winter Relief of the German People (WHW) to help German people that had necessities during hard winters during WW2. It was a very powerful propaganda program to show other countries the social policies implemented by the Nazi regime to help the most disadvantaged.


In this set we have 30 figures representing different different Viking or ancient German weapons and shields. Swords, axes, etc. All made from plastic and with nice gem immitation stones glued.


Some are repeated. Condition, taking into account they are ground dug, is good and most of colour is preserved, as well as the needle on the back in all of them.