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WW 2 - NSDAP - Big unfoldable propaganda poster from "Die Parole der Woche" with figures about German army's successes in the WW2

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Big unfoldable propaganda poster with figures about German army's successes in the WW2. Tanks destroyed, ships sunk, aircraft's destroyed, prisoners of war of the enemy done, etc. And it shows in bigger letters a threatening message against the allies: "Schlag auf Schlag, bis der Gegner vernichtet am Boden liegt" (Battle after battle, until the enemy lays on the ground destroyed)

"Die Parole der Woche" was a Nazi propaganda wall newspaper published by the NSDAP, that was well known for its official publications. They published more than 400 numbers between 1936 and 1943.

Big size 120 cm x 83 cm very good condition , you can see also label from "Die Parole der Woche"  on back side , great looking in frame !