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WW 2 - Super big set of documents, all to a Luftwaff Ausbildungs Regiment!!

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Super big set of documents, all to the same man, comprising the following items:

- A stunning photo album, with leather covers, that has many photos of this young man since he was a boy in Hitler Jugend to the last days of the war when he was in the Luftwaffe. It also includes his breast eagle of the LW. Few photos are missing but most of them are glued to the pages of the album. Some are in Italy.

- 2 period III Reich banknotes, of 5 and 10 RM.-

- Certificate of the Reichsluftschutzbund, dated 1940

- 1943 train ticket for Wehrmacht members. This one was to travel from Hessental to Gablingen

- This soldier was a German POW under liberation troops. A document certifies that he was employed in a farm while his POW time.

- Leistungs booklet for the sports RJA badge (Reichsjugendsportabzeichen) with photo

- A Christmas greeting letter dated 1938

- An activity planning for 16. Nov 1936

- The official allied certificate of desertification and discharge dated 1948 when this man was freed.

- Some 1946 dated documents about activities within POW camp

- Two official letter sent by the directors of the boarding school and Luftbauschule to the parents of this boy telling them his improvements and marks

- A period sheet of paper with a military song

- His original dog tag from Flug. Ausbildungs Regiment, used condition with its original cord to wear it around the neck