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WW II - Ukrainian Auxiliary Police - Gestapo - Polizei - Sicherheitsdienst - glass photographic negative !

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Very nice glass photographic negative with two soldiers one of them have Ukrainian Auxiliary  Police he have polizei arm shield other one was in police.

Ukrainian Auxiliary Police were the major perpetrator of the Holocaust on Soviet territories based on native origins, and those police units participated in the extermination of 150,000 Jews in the area of Volhynia alone. Auxiliary police was active during killing operations by the Germans already in the first phases of the German occupation. The auxiliary police registered the Jews, conducted raids and guarded ghettos, loaded convoys to execution sites and cordoned them off. There is a possibility that some 300 auxiliary policemen from Kiev helped organize the massacre in Babi Yar. They also took part in the massacre in Dnipropetrovsk, where the field command noted that the cooperation ran "smoothly in every way". Cases where local commandants ordered murder of Jews using police force are known. In killings of Jews in Kryvy Rih the "entire Ukrainian auxiliary police" was put to use . Alo persecution Poles On 13 November 1942, members of the Ukrainische Hilfspolizei robbed and executed 32 Poles and 1 Jew in the village of Obórki  located in prewar Wołyń Voivodeship. After the crime the village was burned down. On 16 December 1942, the Ukrainian policemen, led by Germans, killed 360 Poles in Jezierce (former powiat Rivne). In Lviv, in late February and March 1944, the Ukrainische Hilfspolizei arrested a number of young men of Polish nationality. Many of them were later found dead and their Identity documents stolen. The Government Delegation for Poland started negotiations with the OUN-B. When they failed, Kedyw began an action called "Nieszpory" (Vespers) where 11 policemen were shot in retaliation and the murders of young Poles in Lviv stopped.

All polizei was under Himmler control and was part of the SS terror apparat

This is very not usual item and easy to make photos from this glass .

No to many this left to this time , very good condition, size 12cm x 9cm