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WW2 - Ground dug token or ID tag of a slave laborer of the Hydrierwerke Pölitz

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Ground dug token or ID tag of a slave laborer of the Hydrierwerke Pölitz. Relic condition but very nicely preserved. Rare!

Factory of synthetic gasoline in Police
The Petrolewerke Pölitz (Aktiengesellschaft) is one of 12 factories built by IG Farben Industrie producing carbonaceous liquid fuel (synthetic petrol). The production of gasoline was based on the Bergius technological process developed in the 1920s. Fuel was produced for the needs of the German army, because Germany did not have access to oil fields. In 1943, the plant produced 15% of German synthetic fuels (577,000 tons). Best quality gasoline was delivered to Luftwaffe airports, very high quality diesel fuel for U-Boats, worse for Kriegsmarine surface ships, full range of gasoline, oils and lubricants - for tanks and vehicles of the Wehrmacht. By-products such as tar, soot, waste were destined for the pharmaceutical industry.

For the period of World War II, on the basis of a resolution of the German government on October 15, 1939, Police was incorporated into the Great City of Sttetin - ( now Szczecin ) .