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WW2 - NSDAP - Big unfold-able propaganda poster from "Die Parole der Woche" about children hunger in USA under Roosevelt government

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Big unfold-able propaganda poster about children hunger in USA under Roosevelt government. Printed in red, black and white, it talks about the news Americans published regarding the figure of 9 million children in the USA that were supposedly suffering from hunger and malnutrition. With this, Nazi propaganda tried to slander the American government and convince the readers about the fact that USA was a disastrous country with a useless president (Roosevelt). That was the "success" of the president of the United States, reads the poster.

"Die Parole der Woche" was a Nazi propaganda wall newspaper published by the NSDAP, that was well known for its official publications. They published more than 400 numbers between 1936 and 1943.

Big size 120 cm x 83 cm very good condition , you can see also label from "Die Parole der Woche" on back side , great looking in frame!