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3 Reich - Half-Jew - Mischlinge-Klasse-I - Set 40 documents !

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Interesting grouping from a half-Jew (Mischlinge-Klasse-I) from Berlin. Details as follows:Over 40 pieces to Hans Vetter, half-Jew from Berlin.School record books (1921-1927)Driver's license (1929)Work related documents (1933-1934)Arbeitsbuch (1934-1950)DAF member book (1936-1943)DAF Ausweiskarte (1937)Wehrpass (1940)Military record (1943)OT Lagerfuhrer signed / related documents (early 1945)Religious society of friends (Quakers) document regarding Mischlinge classification (1945)International Refugee Organization document (1947)University performance document (1947)Berlin Association of Victims of the Nurnberg Laws Ausweis (1947)German Trade Union Ausweis (1948)Also included is a set of 25 documents related to the racial and political persecution of Hans Vetter, such as his classification as a Mischlinge, forced labour camp etc during the Nazi period. Contains BVN documents, courts, district offices etc (1950-1954)Very good condition set with a nice historical mix of documents.