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Holocaust - Sulejow Ghetto Judenrat Metal Panel RRR

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This original panel was for identifying the office of the Jewish Sujelow Ghetto Judenrat or Jewish Council.Made from a wooden frame covered with zinc sheet, it still has 90% of the paint. Written in German and Polish it says \"Judische Gemeinde in Sujelow - Gmina Zydowska w Sulejowie\" which could be translated as \"Jewish Council in Sujelow\".Sujelow was a very small city in Poland - Lodz Voivoidship that had a small Jewish Ghetto. It was partially destroyed by Luftwaffe air raids during WW2.This sign still has 2 hanging hooks attached and is made from metal with a back wooden frame for reinforcement.Amazing item for any Holocaust collector! A true museum piece! Size 35 cm x 20cm x 2cm