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Anti-Semitic book "Der Zar, der Zauberer und die Juden", a newly translated biography of Rasputin made by Werner Gruehn with a Jewish guilt background 1942

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Very interesting anti-Semitic book "Der Zar, der Zauberer und die Juden" (The Tsar, the Enchanter and the Jews). This book written decades before by Aaron Simanowitsch, former secretary of Rasputin, was commented and translated again during III Reich by the evangelic Theologist and also member of NSDAP Werner Gruehn, who commented it giving it an anti-Semitic vision. This book is in perfect condition, with the original dust-cover that shows the Jew controlling Rasputin, that at the same time controlled the Tsar. This book is published in 1942 by Nibelungen-Verlag in Berlin-Leipzig.