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Big Book "Antisemitismus der Welt in Wort und Bild" - 1935

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Book "Antisemitismus der Welt in Wort und Bild" published in 1935. A book full of texts and photos to explain the anti-Semitism in the III Reich and all over the world, explaining why the world Jewry is the enemy and why it must be eradicated. A book with many photos of Jews showing the stereotypes of the Jews: chubby, big nosed, greedy and thick lipped. Dedicated to one of the most anti-Semites in the world, the owner and published of the infamous anti-Semitic tabloid Der Stürmer, the Gauleiter of Frankonia Julius Streicher. True poison against the Jews during the III Reich!The excellent 9-1/2 x 11-1/2 inch, 326 page hard cover photo book contains countless photos, illustrations, maps and statistics about the history of anti-Semitism and hate against the Jews around the world (specially in Germany)! It was written by Prof. Dr. Theodor Pugel and published in 1935 by Verlag M.D.Groh in Dresden, Germany.