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Dutch Jewish Labor Camp - Jews with Spreaded-out Tallit

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Dutch Jewish Labor Camp Geesbrug. From January 1942 there are more than 200 Jewish men stayed in this camp.On October 2, 1942 they deported to Westerbork camp and thence to German extermination camps.Most did not survive the war. We can see that the right guy have a David star. Photo Paper Ridax , size 9cm x 6 cm.Camp Westerbork (Dutch: Kamp Westerbork, German: Durchgangslager Westerbork) was a transit camp in Drenthe province, northeastern Netherlands, during World War II. Established by the Dutch government in the summer of 1939, Camp Westerbork was meant to serve as a refugee camp for Jews who had illegally entered the Netherlands. The man on the right has a star on his chest, unfortunately only part of it is visible.