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Holocaust - Ghetto Warsaw - Postcard sent from ghetto to Soviet Union gulag camp ! 1941

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Postcard sent from the Warsaw ghetto to Soviet Union gulag camp one month before Barbarossa Plan !

All letters to gulag system go by Moscow po.box mail.  Very rare to find such letter sent from ghetto to gulag !
The role of the Judenrat was to mediate between the Nazi authorities and the Jewish community. Aside from the ongoing activities that were required to be carried out by the Judenrat - mail, food, welfare, health and more - they were even required to follow mail sent from the ghetto. The purpose of the Nazi authorities was to track the content of the letters that were sent with the intent to use them to reach the relatives of the Jews who were outside of the ghetto, and to find Jews who were subverting Nazi rule. A postcard which was stamped by the Judenrat indicated that it met the strict criteria set by the Nazis for outgoing mail from the ghetto.
Members of the Judenrat were used as liason between the Jews and the Nazis. They were forced to meet the demands of both sides, which almost always contradicted each other. The Germans demanded that their instructions be carried out, and the Jews hoped for protection by the Judenrat. Many times, the Judenrat served as a source of anger and bitterness for the Jewish community, who saw the local Judenrat as the source of all its troubles.Postcard sent on 19/5/1941 with the Warsaw Judenrat stamp in red ink.
11x15 cm. Stains. Fine condition.